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The Goal Of The Mujahideen


Leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Abdelmalek Droukdel says;

“I would like to affirm that al-Qaida Organization hasn’t posed and won’t pose a threat to Mali nor to neighboring states nor to Africans as France falsely claims, because the Mujahideen’s goal is clear: defending their religion and their Ummah’s interests by targeting the Zionist-Crusader coalition until it stops occupying Muslim countries and interfering in their affairs. As for neighboring states and the states of Africa, they are not our targets, except in self-defense.

That’s why the leaders of these states mustn’t let themselves be dragged into a war which isn’t theirs. They must learn from other’s mistakes. They must realize that France has its own interests at heart, not their interests. It wants them, their soldiers and their peoples to be fuel for a holocaust whose sparks will reach their capitals while the French people remain safe and secure and enjoy African resources in their bunker behind distant seas. This is why I advise these leaders not to fall into line behind Hollande (former President of France) if they truly have the interests of their countries and peoples at heart.”

Habib Bourguiba

Hafez Assad(left) with Habib Bourguiba

In the year 1955, the Tunisian Habib Bourguiba announced that if he gets to power he will be a secularist ruler and rule by secularism. The Muslim Tunisia, which was resisting the French colonialism, was furious!

The Islamic scholars rejected these statements and went to his house to protest them. At the door, the servant said to them: “My master Al Habib is making Wuduu”. The scholars were taken aback for a moment and thought! “He still prays!” Their hearts felt ease towards this man who prays.

Bourguiba joined them upon completing his prayer. And when they asked him about these statements he shouted at them refusing any accusations regarding his religion and beliefs. So the scholar’s worries were put to ease and they comforted the angry Tunisian people saying Bourguiba is still on the path.

A year later, Tunisia was liberated and Bourguiba came to power, only to accomplish what the French colonists couldn’t accomplish in 57 years of demolishing the Islamic identity and fighting the religion of Islam.

– Dr. Eyad Qunaibi

Full Fledged Crime


Jordan King Abdullah II, Saudi Prince Abdullah, George Bush, Egyptian President Mubarak, Bahrain King Hamad & Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt on June 3, 2003

Ibn al Jawzi related in his Muntazim that Sinaan bin Anas al Nakh’i attacked Husayn ibn Ali(رضي الله عنه‎) and stabbed him with a spear. Husayn fell, and Sinaan went down to him, slaughtered him and cut off his head. Sinaan returned until he stood before the tent of Amr bin Sa’ad and called out,

“Load my steed with silver and gold. For I have killed the mantled chief. I have killed the best of the people in parentage and the best of them in lineage.

Upon which Amr said, “O insane one! You dare to say such a thing?”

Sinaan bin Anas al Nakh’i killed al Husayn bin Ali while he knows who Husayn is, why he went out, and why his enemies fight him. His motive for killing Husayn was desire for wealth and booty, even if that led to the displeasure, curse and punishment of Allah. He stabbed Husayn with the intention of killing him, and he got what he wanted. So it was a full – fledged crime in which was found criminal intent born out of criminal motive, which was followed by the criminal act and then the criminal result.

And exactly the same are these charlatans and religion traders, they cooperated with the Crusader occupier before he reached Iraq and Afghanistan, intentionally, eagerly, and in search of the spoils and power, while they knew who this Crusader occupier is, what his goal is, and what his plans are for enslaving the Muslim Ummah, humiliating it and dividing it, and consolidating Israel and widening its occupation. Then they took part with the occupier in his crimes, supported him in his battles, fought the Mujahideen, and cursed them publicly to make him happy. And the result of their intent and act was achieved, with the killing and torture of thousands of Muslims and the defense of the crusader forces.

So this is also a full fledged crime.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


Some question the reason behind the Islamic Fighter’s focus on striking Americans instead of making their main target the jews, who killed and displaced Muslims in Palastene.

Usama bin laden clarifies this matter, saying;

America and Israel are two sides of the same coin. So if you see your enemy protecting his right ear and fortifying it well, don’t waste your time trying to hit the right ear, cut off the left ear and he will die. The result is the same.

The Americans are spread all over the world, and they do not have a doctrine like the Jews, who want to stay in Palastine. They are backers of the jews.

After they were hit in Khobar (attack against American soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia in 1996), CNN came and interviewed the comrades of killed (soldiers), who were at the site of the incident. They were crying. The host asked the American soldier, “What do you want now?”. He said, “I want to go back to my country”. This is his wish. He has one foot here and one in his country.

Antarah was asked, “What do you do to make people fear you?” He answered, “I look at the faces of the people and go first for the one who looks weak and cut off his head first, because it’s easy. And when his blood is spilled, the strong ones get scared”.

Zakir Musa


Kashmir is one of the earliest Jihad battlegrounds in recent history of Muslims. But it is also one of the most unfortunate, as Pakistan has always had a dirty role suiting its national interests. Pakistan has exploited the Kashmiri Jihad and placed its puppets(Hurriyat and United Jihad Council) in place to remotely control the ‘Jihad’. Sincere local Mujahideen and Muhajireen put their blood and soul into the Jihad but without bearing any fruit. However this situation began to change as Mujahideen started to speak for themselves.

Burhan Wani lit the spark when in 2016 he called the Kashmir Jihad as a part of the struggle to re-establish Khilafah. After Burhan’s martyrdom, Zakir Musa became the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen. While pursuing his engineering, Musa joined Hizbul Mujahideen in the autumn of 2013.

In one of his first videos Zakir Musa warned the local police against taking on the Mujahideen. And followed it up with another one calling on youth to shun nationalism and take part in Ribaat.

On 12 May 2017, after Hurriyat said that Kashmir issue is a Non-Islamic issue, Zakir Musa released a video and reiterated that Jihad of Kashmir was only for implementation of Shariah.
A day later Zakir Musa dissociated himself from Hizbul Mujahideen after it’s overall chief and Pakistani puppet Syed Salahuddin condemned Zakir Musa.

A few days later Zakir released another Statement, reiterating his stand and thanking Al Qaeda for its support in the Nawai Afghan magazine. Pakistani puppets Hurriyat and their ilk launched a vicious tirade against Zakir Musa but failed to take away the peoples support for him. The Youth stood by him and flocked to his support as he began to put his words into action and unleashed a reign of terror on the local collaborators and security forces.

Kashmir Valley is witnessing a new Uprising – A new phase of Jihad having no ties with the Pakistani establishments and which calls for “Shariah or Shahadah”.

Chinese Oppression Against Uighurs


“Wear nice and tidy clothes and be good citizens of Urumqi city…

Stand against/Oppose wearing ‘abnormal’ clothes.”

East Turkestan, known as the Xinjiang (meaning new territory in Chinese) Uighur Autonomous Region after its occupation in 1949 by China, is located northwest of China. It is home to approximately 25 million Uighur Muslims who have long been exposed to severe oppression and harassment from the Chinese government.

The Uighur people have long suffered from human rights abuses since the occupation of East Turkestan, as around 10 million people died because of the Chinese army’s oppression or famine.

The Chinese government has banned Muslim women from wearing the headscarf in public (since the women couldn’t wear the head scarf, they started wearing hats to cover their hair and this too the Chinese government banned), men from growing their beards and people other then the elderly aged ones from fasting in Ramadan. There has also been a ban on “unauthorized” pilgrimages to Mecca, on entries to mosques for people under 18 or workers, and on Muslim names such as, Mohammed and Mecca.

Many East Turkestan residents have to hand their passports to police and seek permission to travel abroad. In one part of East Turkestan, all vehicles have been ordered to install satellite tracking-devices.

The Battle Of Karansebes


The “Battle of Karansebes,” in the Austro-Turkish war took place in the town of Karansebes, in present day Romania, on September 17th, 1788.

The battle started with a number of Austrian cavalrymen soldiers on a night patrol looking for Turkish soldiers in the area when they chanced upon some Gypsies who offered them Schnapps to drink and relax. Later, a contingent of Austrian infantry men found the cavalrymen drinking and wanted to join in. However, the cavalrymen refused them the alcohol, and that started a quarrel that turned into a fight.

Shots were fired across the river, and other infantrymen in the distance shouted, “Turks, Turks,” mistaking the gunshot as coming from the enemy Ottoman Turks. This prompted the majority of the Austrian Army to start shooting at each other. Everyone commenced shooting at fellow Austrian and even shadows, thinking the enemy was upon them.

The casualties were enormous, and amounted to about 10,000 Austrian soldiers dead and wounded. The Turkish Army arrived two days later, and took over the town easily and without any effort.

The First Arrest Of Umar Abdur Rahman


Upon the death of president Abdulnasser in the year 1970, the minister of Islamic affairs issued a decree to the Imams of the Mosques in Egypt to offer the funeral prayer in absentia using a fake coffin as a symbol of the coffin of Abdulnasser.

Sheikh Omar Abdulrahman, who was an Imam at a Mosque in the city of Faiyum, ascended the pulpit and uttered the following courageous and defying words:

“It is impermissible to offer the funeral prayer for a fake coffin, and it is impermissible to offer funeral prayer for Abdulnasser.”

An arrest warrant was issued immediately and directly from Anwar Sadat, the vice-president at the time, and Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman was arrested for the first time on August 14, 1970.

The Unimportance Of Clutching To The Lands

Khathab (left) and Shamil Basayev

To elaborate on the unimportance of clutching to the land, former leader of Islamic fighters in Chechnya, Khattab, stated:

“I would like to clarify one point that most observers of the war are unaware of: the conquest of Chechen cities, including the capital, doesn’t imply the defeat of the mujahids or the victory of the Russian forces. In my view, their conquest of the cities actually increases their burdens and forces them to switch their tactics from the offensive into the defensive mode in an attempt to maintain the cities they conquered.

Those who claim regarding the events of the first war knows that the conquest of the cities was neither a defeat for the mujahids nor a victory for their enemy. In the first war, almost all of the Chechen republic was conquered by the Russian forces. Yet, they couldn’t stand their ground for more than 20 months in the face of the mujahid forces, especially that the mujahids have a more powerful state in this war than they previously did, while the state of the Russians is more feeble than it previously was.”

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