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Sayyid Qutb’s Execution And His Publications


The day Sayyid Qutb was executed, six to eight thousand copies of ‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an’ were burned in the main streets, in other words 64,000 volumes of the book were burned. Anyone in Egypt who was found possessing any of Sayyid Qutb’s books – especially ‘Ma’alim fit-Tariq’ (Milestones)- was sentenced to ten years in prison.

That generation began asking itself: ‘Who is this man who was executed? What is this book ‘Ma’alim fit-Tariq’ and this book ‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an’ that he was sentenced for?’ Therefore, everyone began looking for these books to read them. This happened to the point that a failing Christian publishing company in Beirut was advised by other Christians: “If you want to save your company, print ‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an.” Yes, and he did so, and in the same year that Sayyid Qutb was executed, the book was printed seven times. During his lifetime, it was only printed one and a half times – they did not even complete the second printing.

[‘Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah’; p. 242-243]

Last Words Of Umar Mukhtar

Last Words of Umar Mukhtar

Ahmad Shawqi eulogized Umar Mukhtar by saying,

“They have planted your remains
in the sands like a flag
To motivate the people
morning and night
Oh, woe unto them, they have
raised a beacon of blood
To inspire tomorrow’s generation
with hate and dislike
A wound which screams
to the horizon, and a victim
Searching for the red freedom
O you unsheathed sword in the desert
Whose sharpness covers
the swords of the ages
You were given the choice,
as you chose to sleep in hunger
You neither sought power
nor gathered a fortune
Like the carcass of an eagle
or the remains of a lion
Left behind and scattered
by a dusty gale
The battles spared not
even an old bone of his
And the spears didn’t spare any blood”

Why Can’t You Sleep At Night?

Nasser al Bahri

A Journalist asked Nasser al Bahri (Ex Body guard of Usama bin Laden) that: “Can you explain why you can’t sleep at night?”

He replied:

“I used to do something for a specific goal. Now I cannot sleep well. We lived with Sheikh Osama bin Laden for a time. And we felt that we were at the top of the mountains of Islam. We considered ourselves the front line among the Muslims, in reclaiming rights, eliminating injustice, and talking to others so they would know who we were. Then, Suddenly I left this life. The serious life, the manhood, the life of dignity and power, the life of pride, for a life of humiliation and weakness. You think about food and raising kids and so on.

Yet I start to think that despite having left, I am still threatened. I am scared for my kids; I could be kidnapped from the street at any moment. This makes me so confused. There is totally no security. This always makes me think that: Am I right now, or wrong? Was I right before, or wrong?

These questions are part of what is going on in my life. This is my personal situation regarding my safety. However, I also look at it in terms of Islamic law: Are my excuses for being here – raising the kids, the wife, finding a job, etc. These are weak excuses, in terms of what is happening to Muslims, that America may sweep away the whole Islamic World. They said that they won’t leave anybody. That they would change the map. When I think about these statements, my thoughts race, and I can’t sleep”

The Man Who Ended The CIA Torture Programme!

Muhammed Rahim


Muhammad Rahim, a 51-year-old man, who has been detained at Guantanamo Bay for almost ten years without charge, is the last prisoner in the CIA’s torture programme.

Rahim’s “interrogations” comprised of brutal methods which included attention grasps, facial holds, abdominal slaps, and dietary manipulation – euphemisms for hanging, starving, beating and crushing of organs. He also suffered eight extensive sleep deprivation sessions – where he was shackled in a standing position, wearing virtually nothing, in one session for as long as 138.5 hours.

Yet the torture of Muhammad Rahim produced no intelligence and led the CIA to review and end it’s “enhanced interrogation” program.

Despite his treatment at the hands of the CIA, Muhammad Rahim seems to have kept unique traits of character. Former military lawyer Lieutenant Commander Kevin Bogucki said of him:

“Muhammad Rahim is one of the most intelligent and personable men I have ever met. He is genuinely friendly and has a rare sense of humour that keeps me smiling throughout our meetings. In fact, I am consistently impressed by Muhammad Rahim’s ability to maintain a positive attitude in such a hostile and uncomfortable environment. It is a testament to his faith and his strength of character.”

Message To Prisoners

Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi

Dear Brother, who dwells in these prisons To you I write with distresses,

If to Allah you hold fast Then what harm will a misfortune of time do to you?

Strengthen yourself by remembering the Deity, Most Supreme, And hasten in memorizing the Manifest Book,

That is for your heart a secure stronghold
And this is for your spirit an assisting provision,

These are hardships, soon they will all cease And remaining from it will be various fruits and benefits,

And even if they insult you, and they torture you And if they beat you, submit not,

You are not the first to be tortured For a Mighty Religion and a Manifest Legislation,

Nor are you alone on this Path For there are countless caravans throughout the years,

And if an ‘Eid passes by, and a son is born And months rotate, while you are imprisoned,

Do not grieve O Brother of the Righteous Ones Of departing from family and losing children,

And if they forbid you from their visits
And likewise their letters never appear,
So if this is for a Lord and Religion
Then where is the patience, where is the certainty!?

For the Pleasure of a Lord and assisting the religion, Life and all children become insignificant,

For the Pleasure of a Lord, Mighty and Generous The prisons come perfumed, and the bitter come sweet…

– Written by Abū Muhammad Al-Maqdisī, General Intelligence Prison Facility, Jordan – Cell No. 63 ‘Eid Al-Adh’hā 1414 H

To Those Who Are Eager To Liberate Palestine


Leader of Al Qaeda organization, Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri states;

“My free and honorable brothers who are eager to help Islam and liberate Palestine:

We must read history and comprehend its lessons. Palestine was lost when the Caliphate fell and we were dominated by secularism and territorial nationalism which has torn us apart and continues to tear us apart. One of the fundamental interests of the West and the Zionists, and indeed, one of the necessities of their existence, is that they divide us, by spreading the principles of the secular nationalist nation state and homeland among us, so that we become crumbs which they can easily devour.

As a result of that ethnic and territorial nationalism, we broke apart after the fall of the Caliphate State into more than fifty helpless vassal states.”

How They Felt The Terror

Terror is a great tool which the Muslims asked for in their supplications against the disbelievers.

Yazeed ibn ‘Aamir, (May Allaah be pleased with him), was amongst the ranks of the disbelievers during the battle of Hunayn;

When he later became Muslim, some of the Companions, (may Allah be pleased with them), asked him:

“How was the nature of this terror which Allah instilled in the hearts of the disbelievers? Describe it for us.”

Thereupon, he, (May Allah be pleased with him), grabbed a stone and flung it strongly against a metal pot, which caused a very loud noise, and remarked:

“This is how we felt horror in our hearts.”

One Arrow Killed 300 Men!

Quran – 8:17

One arrow killed 300 men!

Uthmaan bin Abee ‘Aatikah said:

The enemy threw petrol (bombs) against the people (the Muslims). So Mu’aawiyyah said ‘If they are doing this, then retaliate in the same way’. So both parties started hurling petrol (bombs) at each other. At sea, one Roman soldier prepared to throw a pot full of petrol against the ship of Aboo al-Ghaadiyyah, but Aboo al-Ghaadiyyah sent an arrow flying and killed the man on the spot causing him to fall with the pot of petrol consequently setting his own ship ablaze. Thus the fire devoured the entire ship and all its crew, they were 300 in number. After that incident people used to say, the arrow of Aboo al-Ghaadiyyah killed 300 men.

– Taken from Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nubalaa by Imaam ath-Thahabee

Muhammed Yusuf Hawwash


Muhammed Yusuf Hawwash

Muhammed Yusuf Hawwash (who was executed with Sayyid Qutb) had an amazing understand of Islam. He stayed in prison for ten years before they executed him. He was imprisoned from 1954 to 1964, and he was executed in 1966.

They had released him for health reasons, and then they brought him back. Jabir Rizk (journalist) told me that whenever the torture becomes too much for him, this man would look to the sky and say:

“All of this is nothing when it comes to your love… all of this is nothing when it comes to your love”, meaning that all of this torture is nothing when it is for the love of Allah.

– Fi Dhilal Surat at Tawbah; Page 549

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