Mulla Umar had asked Usama bin Ladin to move from Jalalabad to Kandahar as a precaution against a secret plan of Ahmad Shah Massoud who had decided to conduct a military operation to capture Usama bin Ladin. Until his death, Massoud was engaged with the Americans in plotting to kill or capture Usama. The 9/11 report published by the Congress confirms these intentions in the following words:

“In the northeast were Massoud’s Northern Alliance Forces –perhaps the CIA’s best option. In late October, a group of officers from the Counter terrorist Center flew into the Panjshir Valley to meet up with Massoud, a hazardous journey in rickety helicopters that would be repeated several times in the future. Massoud appeared committed to helping the United States collected intelligence on Bin Ladin’s activities and whereabouts and agreed to try to capture him if the opportunity arose.”

George Tenet, former director of Central Intelligence, stated that the American Intelligence cooperated with Ahmad Shah Massoud, prior to the attacks of 9/11, to pursue Usama bin Ladin. Yet the death of Ahmad Shah Massoud, before the September attacks, foiled these schemes.