Our beloved Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ ) died in 632 AD.

Less than a hundres years later, the essence of Islam and its glory extended over a huge area.

From the atlantic ocean to the river Indus and to china. From lake Aral(Central Asia) to lower reaches of the Nile.

Blessed land of Syria was opened in 634 and Damascus was conquered in 635. Ctesiphon(Iraq) in 637.

Islam reached historic Indian subcontinent and egypt in 641. Carthage(Tunisia) was opened in 647 and Samarkand(Uzbekistan) in 676.

After years of sacrifice, Spain fell in 710.

Muslims were at the gates of constantinople in 717 and in 720 in southern france.

There were masjids in shantung(China ) by 700 and about 830, Muslims arrived in Java(Indonesia).

These unique expansion provided a space for the great Islamic civilisation in Muslim Spain, Middle east and in Muslim India.

The outcome was the “Islamic Golden Age” covering a period of 1000 years .

Such was the days when our dignity and honour was at its peak !