Education period of Shaykh Usama Bin laden(رحمه الله) is very interesting.

Bergen interviewed Brian Fyfi led-Shayler, who taught English to Shaykh Usama (رحمه الله)at al-Thagher.

Like most Saudi students, Fyfi eldShayler recalled, Shaykh Usama (رحمه الله) was extraordinarily courteous .

He told:

“I think he was, in fact, more courteous than the average student, probably because he was a bit shyer than the other students. For example, when the teacher asked questions, a forest of hands would go up. “Ask me! Ask me!” And Osama would not do that . He would sit quietly with a very confident smile on his face, but he would not push forward to display his knowledge. And of course, if you actually asked him, then he was usually right. But he didnt push himself forward”

Shaykh Usama(رحمه الله)neither was great brains of the class nor was in the bottom. But this does not necessarily mean he is in middle as al-Thagher was one of the two top schools in the country. So to be in the middle of the top class in the top school really puts you in the top fifty students in the country(Saudi Arabia).