Shaykh Usama (رحمه الله)describes those who criticize the events of 9/11 in a beautiful story:
Their example is like the story of the wolf that saw a new born lamb.

So it said to the lamb : “You were the one who dirtied my water last year”. The lamb replied:”It was not me”. “It was you”, The wolf insisted. So the lamb told him:”Well, I was born this year”. The wolf said:”So it must have been you mother”, and ate the lamp.

And what could the poor mother do when she saw her son being torn into pieces between the teeth of wolf?.

So in passion of motherhood, she butted the wolf. Ofcourse the wolf was not affected at all. However it shouted :”LOOK AT THIS TERRORIST!”. So these parrots joined in repeating what the wolf said and saying: “Yes we condem the eve’s butt against the wolf”.

Where have you been when the wolf ate the son of the sheep?