America deployed whole arsenel of specially designed sophisticated weapons in Tora Bora to eliminate Al Qaeda leadership by all means.

Shaykh Usama(رحمه الله) narrates the defeat and cowardice of America in this battle:

“Now, I am going to tell you a part of that great battle of Tora Bora so that I will prove to you how cowardly the Americans are. We were only 300 fighters. We had already dug 100 trenches, spread out in a space that didn’t exceed one square mile. On the morning of the 17th of Ramadan [December 3, 2001], very heavy bombing started, especially after the American leadership made sure that some of the leadership of al-Qaeda were in Tora Bora, including myself and the mujahid brother Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri. The bombing became around the clock. Not a second would pass without a fighter plane passing over our heads day and night. American forces were bombing us by smart bombs that weigh thousands of pounds and bombs that penetrate caves.
That was in addition to the forces of the Northern Alliance, whom they pushed to attack us for a continuous month. We fought back against all their attacks. And we defeated them every time. In spite of all that, American forces did not dare to go into our posts. What sign is more than that for their cowardice? With all its forces that were fighting against a small group of 300 mujahideen in the trenches, inside one square mile, in minus 10 degrees of temperature. The result of the battle was that we lost 6 percent of our force [18 men]”