Suffering from Indian government oppression and being the largest militarized zone in the world, Kashmir is portrayed as an icon of Jihad and a land of valour and sacrifice. Being an epic resistance ; we see at times protest against opression using stones against government forces, on the other hand taking arms and waging Jihad against the enemies of Islam.

Although a heaven on earth due to its marvelous beauty, it is known as the land of “Half widows”, Kasmiri Muslim women are unaware of the thier husbands who are either killed or being imprisoned.

Recent days we witnessed a hype in the spirit of Muslims in Kashmir and thier love towards the religion of Allah. Martyrdom of Burhan Wani (May Allah accept him) ignited the new awakening phase in Kashmir.

If Muslims are not decieved by their leaders and government propogandas as witnessed in the past , recent advancements will be a pathway for major victories.