During the period of First Chechan War;

Chechnya was bleeding , massive massacre and Muslims losing their dignity.

Shamil Basayev(رحمه الله) emerged as a saviour of Islam and Muslims of Chechnya.

On June 14,1995, Basayev with a group of Mujahideen attacked the Russian city of Budennovsk. They marched to a hospital where approximately 1600 Russians were taken as hostages.

Russians tried to rescue by force, but were pushed back by Chechen Mujahideen. The siege lasted for four days.

Through direct negotiation with Victor Chernomyrdin, Prime Minister of Russia, Basayev set his demands to the President Yeltsin and the Government. Lacking alternatives, Russians agreed to the demands of Ceasefire, Withdrawing their troops from Chechnya and agreeing for peace treaty.

On June 19, Basayev and the Mujahideen along with 120 hostages headed to Chechniya after gaining the upper hand in the mission.

At the border of Dagestan, assured of protection from Mujahideen awaiting his return, Basayev released the hostages and was welcomed to Chechnya as a hero

Russian troops ultimately withdrew from Chechniya , ending First Chechen War which provided time for Mujahideen to regroup and strengthen thier ranks.

A event that introduced to the world, the legend and Slayer of Russian Pigs, Shamil Salmanovich Basayev(رحمه الله).