Scholar of Jihad and Caller of Thawheed, Our Beloved Shaykh Umar Abdurahman(May Allah release him),is currently serving life sentence in Butner Medical Centre,North Carolina,USA.

Born in 1938 in Egypt , Shaykh Umar Abdurahman is one of the legends of this era.

He finished memorizing Qur’an at the age of 11, even though he lost his eyesight 10 months after his birth.

Graduated in Shareeah education,Shaykh obtained Doctorate in Tafseer from Al Azhar University.

He was the one who opposed the brutal regime of Jamal Abdunnasser and fearlessly told the Muslims not to pray for him after his death. His Fatwa resulted in the assassination of enemy of Islam, President Anwar Sadat by Mujahid Khalid Islambouli(رحمه الله).

During his judgement, he said truth loud and called for the implementation of Shariah openly in the Egyptian court and hence was imprisoned and subjected to severe torture by the Egyptian Government.

After obtaining American Visa and becoming an Imam and preacher in the USA, Shaykh continued his Dawah. His vibrant preaching opened the eyes of many and inspired Mujahideen to strike at the enemies of Allah. Imam of Kufr, America arrested him on 1993 thus seperating us from him.

His release was demanded by Shaykh Ayman (May Allah protect him) and various Mujahideen groups while the whole Muslim world were silent.

“If those who have the right to have something are terrorists, then we are terrorists, and we welcome being terrorists . The Quran makes it, terrorism, among the means to perform jihad in the sake of Allah, which is to terrorise the enemies of God ” — Shaykh Omar Abdul Rahman