Returning home from battles, a messenger rode up to Alp Arslan and whispered to him:

“The emperor of Constantiniyya heard of your army and is bringing an army of six hundred thousand to crush you led by the war general Romanis”

As Arsalaan gulped the news he glanced into the eyes of every one of his 15 thousand Mujahids, knowing that there was little hope for victory!

His head drooped hearing this and then he lifted his head up like a lion.

The rays of Iman enlightened from his heart. Arsalaan slipped into his tent and dressed himself a shroud he would be buried with while fragrancing himself in hanoot.

He later addressed the entire army, commanding;

“Today Islam is in danger! Today Muslims are in danger! And I fear that Laa ilaaha illaa Allaah will be wiped away from our land!” He then shouted, “Waa Islaamaah! Waa Islaamaah!. Look at me, I have worn the towels of my coffin and have fragranced myself with hanoot. Whoever wants Jannah, let them dress as I have dressed! We are going to fight under the shade of Laa ilaaha illa Allah until we are destroyed or the flag of Laa ilaaha illaa Allah is raised!”

The entire army stepped into the quarters and all fifteen thousand Mujahids came out in the garments of their coffin. The fragrance of Hanoot covered the battle ground!
The sky erupted with the armies shouts of Allahu Akbar!! Allaahu Akbar!! Yaa Khayl Allah uthbuti!! Yaa Khayl Allah irkabee!!’ Allahu Akbar!

Heads choped and skulls fell to the ground and blood flowed. As the battle dust softened, the flag of Islam rose high above, the crusaders fled.

Someone Shouted “The Romans are defeated and their general – Romanis has been captured”

Innumerable Muslims were martyred – in sha Allah – that day, and many were left crying.

They were not crying for war spoils that they lost. No, by the One who raised the heavens without any pillars, they were crying because thay had to take off their shroud after they had sold themselves to Allah.

Alb Arsalaan, stood crying and thanking Allah.

* This was the historical battle of Manzikert(1071 AD) which changed the course of history by being the first step towards terminating the eastern Byzantine empire which dominated the world at that time.