Abu Muslim al-‘Emarati (رحمه الله) Operation Miracle, July 1995:
One summer during the jihad in Bosnia, he just changed. He became extremely fierce in his fighting and more brave. He would go out on reconnaissance missions by himself and bring back plastic bags full of mines that he had pulled out after having searched for, and brought them back. And this brother was a family man, he left his country and his wife was pregnant and he left his country and still came for Jihad. And then he had a son, which he had never seen before, and the son had grown up and become a few months old, and he (Abu-Muslim) still hadn’t seen his son. So he said to himself that after this second operation, he would go back and see his family. So anyways in this operation, this brother , his group managed to capture a tank from the Serbs, and after capturing a tank they went forward, and Allah took him as Shaheed. So he had never seen his family before. InshaAllah Allah will re-unite them in the next world.

– Excerpts from stories of Martyrs