The evolution of Turkey is one of the most shocking incidents in the Islamic history.

Through the leadership of Mustafa Kamal (Ataturk) in the 1920s and 1930s, secular Turkey as we see today was born.

The decision of the Ottoman Empire to enter the First World War in 1914 against the British, French and Russian forces was a horrible mistake due to which the empire was divided and occupied by the victorious allies, leaving only the central Anatolian highlands under Turkish control.

An Ottoman army officer, Mustafa Kamal, who gained popularity due to his role in defending Turkish territory against the British invasion, started to transform Caliphate to a Secular Nation.

On March 3rd, 1924, Atatürk abolished the caliphate and sent all remaining members of the Ottoman family into exile.

Soon after, this enemy of Islam started demolishing the essence of Islam one by one. Islamic education was banned, Shari’ah council was abolished, religious endowments were seized and Shari’ah courts were closed.

Atatürk’s attacks on Islam were not limited to the government, however it expanded to everyday life.

Hijaab was ridiculed as a “ridiculous object” and banned in public buildings. The calendar was officially changed from Islamic calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

In 1932, the Adhan was outlawed in Arabic and rewritten using Turkish words and forced upon the country’s thousands of Masjids.

All of these reforms worked together to effectively erase Islam from Turkey and hence the “Islamic Caliphate” was nowhere to be seen.