“And in this regard I will mention a story that shows the determination and honesty with Allah of our brothers, as we consider them.

Abu Humama was sitting with some of his brothers and from among them Abu al‐Khayr al‐Assiri(may Allah have mercy on both of them)and each brother made a wish.

Abu al‐Khayr wished for a martyrdom operation in al‐Haramain (Saudi Arabia), and Abu Humam wished to establish a media foundation. Each received what they wished for.

Abu al‐Khayr executed a martyrdom operation against the tyrant Muhammad bin Nayef, and Allah graced Abu Humam to establish a media foundation ‘Al‐Malahem Media’
entailing a complete technical crew, after he began the march alone with his laptop. And like that, the determination of men degrade the peaks of mountains; with continuous efforts, motivation and sacrifice, and following success with success, and that is the grace of Allah that He brings upon whoever he willed, and Allah possesses tremendous grace”
– Written by his friend and road companion, Abu Khaled al‐Assiri – Bio of Abu Humam al-Qahtani