Shaykh was taken to the court. This was done in the open, so that the Ba’this could claim that they implement justice. They allowed some foreign journalists to attend the hearing.

The judges in this case were Mustafa Tallas and Salah Jadid. Mustafa Tallas was the defense minister in Syria, and Salah Jadid was the most powerful Nusayri to have any position in the country. They said to him: “Why did you carry weapons and go against the state?”

Shaykh Marwan answered:

“Because there is a Nusayri dog named Salah Jadid (he is saying this to Salah Jadid) and there is a dog who ascribes himself to Ahl as-Sunnah named Mustafa Tallas, and they desire to kill off Islam in this land, and we reject and will fight against Islam being wiped out in this land as long as we’re alive.”

He then dared the Revolutionary Guards to kill him inside the courthouse, but the police guarded Shaykh Marwan in front of the foreign journalists, so that it would not be said to the world that he was killed in the courthouse. They said to him: “You are working for someone else.”

He replied: “I am working for Allah, the Mighty and Exalted. As for the one who is serving others, then he is the leader of your party.”

The fruits of Shaykh Marwan’s struggle for Shariah is being witnessed in Syria today.