Muhammed Yusuf Hawwash(رحمه الله), Companion of Shaheed Sayyid Qutb(رحمه الله) in life and Martyrdom.

During the final visit to her husband(Mohammed Yusuf) and prior to his execution, his wife asked the officer to bring in the food, and the officer refused.

Muhammad(رحمه الله) said to her: “Don’t tire yourself, and waste the time that we can spend together. If they bring the food in, then they will insist that I eat now, and I am fasting”.

His son Ahmad went and sat on his father’s lap and kept crying saying: “The boys keep saying to me, You whose father wanted to kill Abdul-Nasser”.

So the Shaheed replied to him:

“The scales today are reversed, and they will not be corrected today, indeed: We Shall set up the scales of justice for the day of judgement”