One of the brothers narrates an interesting incident about Shaykh Abdul Bari(رحمه الله).

Shaykh Abdul Bari first came to Afghanistan in the 1980s. Until his martyrdom, he was among the oldest Mujahideen present in the field. He resembled Shaykh Osama in his appearance and height to the extent that in the early years of Jihad, rumors started circulating in Waziristan that Shaykh Osama had been spotted in Angoor Ada. Known for his asceticism, he was an extremely pious person. He was eventually martyred in a drone strike in Wana in December 2012. May Allah accept him amongst the martyrs and grant him a high position in Paradise. Ameen!

A brother once met him in Angoor Ada. The Shaykh had a rather open life style and did not exercise the kind of caution that some Mujahideen are used to. The brother respect-fully asked the Shaykh to be careful and to avoid movement in the presence of drones. As is well-known, Angoor Ada has seen many drone attacks and drones hover around in the area most of the time.

The Shaykh replied, “I cannot look up in the sky and count the number of drones hovering around. When I look up, I feel ashamed in front of Allah, for death in His hands, and not in the hands of these drones.”

The brother, stunned by the Shaykh’s answer, went silent. There was nothing more that he could say! May Allah give us all such faith!
– Resurgence Magazine(Issue 1)