The police cars began surrounding his apartment building after the Fajr, and they began calling out through the microphone:

“O residents of this building! Get out, as there is an Iraqi spy who we wish to arrest!”

So, Shaykh Marwan grabbed his own microphone (he had his own microphone that he would use to call to prayer), saying:

“O intelligence officers! O police! O you who are surrounding the building! We will give you fifteen minutes, and you must leave within these fifteen minutes. After this, we will begin fighting you if you do not leave.”

And he actually waited fifteen minutes, and after fifteen minutes, he began with the grenades and machinegun fire. Calls were being made to local police stations, and, eventually, over 1,000 police and intelligence officers were surrounding the house, against Shaykh Marwan and one other brother with him, along with his wife.

They tried entering the building, so, the other brother went down and met them at the entrance with some TNT. They then tried entering from above, landing on the building’s roof with a helicopter – but who would be the brave one to enter first? One thousand against two. By the time it was afternoon, they were still unable to enter the apartment building. They would fire from below, and he would fire back from above. After the afternoon, they finally entered the apartment. Shaykh Marwan, being injured in his hand was arrested and he came out with his head up high.

The news reached to Hafidh al-Asad, who went crazy, as many officers were killed in the process. Hafidh al Asad said: “I wish to solve this with him personally.”

So, he went to him personally, saying to him:

“O Marwan! Let us open a new page with each other! Let Allah Forgive what has happened, and we will not take you to account for anything you did, with one condition: that you abandon your weapons.”

Shaykh Marwan replied:

“I agree, with one condition: that you assist me in establishing an Islamic state in Syria.”

Hafidh al-Asad left the room.