I remember that I was enrolled in a training course for cadres in the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood organization during the days of the jihad and revolution against Hafiz al-Assad’s regime. I was 22 years old. This was in the al-Rashid camp belonging to the Iraqi Army in Baghdad in 1980. When the trainer entered – and he was – rahimahullah – a distinguished man, an elderly shaykh from the first Muslim Brotherhood-generation, from those who pledged allegiance to shaykh Hassan alBanna, rahimahullah, when he was 17 years old.

He was training us in military disciplines and he also ran with us when we had physical exercise – in spite of his old age. He held lectures for us. I remember when he first walked in on a troop of 30 young men, the elite of the military wing of the Syrian Brotherhood at that time. The first thing he said to us in his Egyptian dialect, was: ‘Are you Muslim Brothers?’ We said yes. He said, ‘Are you sure, my sons?’ We said we were sure. He said, pointing at his neck, ‘You will all be slaughtered. Agree?’ We all said, overflowing with happiness and joy, ‘We agree with it…’ He turned to the blackboard, and wrote the title of the first lecture on it:

‘Terrorism is a religious duty, and assassination is a sunnah’!
– Abu Musab Suri (Global Islamic Resistance Call)