“Islam was not victorious in its radiant times over the disbelieving nations that were greater than it in number, wealth and strength except when the woman was up for the responsibility.

This is because she is the one who raises the children upon Jihad, and she is the one who guards the man’s honor and wealth when he leaves for Jihad. She bears patience herself and also helps her husband and children to remain patient in this path. So, the saying: “Behind every great man is a woman” was true for the women of the earlier times.

So we can say, “Behind every great Mujahid is a woman.” These women knew their roles and were as the Messenger of Allah described them when Umar asked him , “O Messenger of Allah! What wealth shall we seek (in this world)?”

He answered, “Upon you is to seek a heart that is grateful, a tongue that is occupied in the remembrance of Allah and a wife who will strengthen you in the matter of the Hereafter…”

– Shaykh Yusuf Uyyayri (RA)