It was 17th of Ramadan and we were in Torabora.

As we entered Shaykh Ayman(May Allah protect him) stood up and looked at Shaykh Usamah’s(رحمه الله) face and said to him: “What’s the matter?”, everyone remained silent. Shaykh Ayman said: “O ameer, I know that there’s something grave and it’s apparent from your eyes, inform me O coolness of my eye”. Shaykh Usamah’s(رحمه الله) eyes welled up, controlled himself and began talking. He reminded Shaykh Ayman in regards to patience, the reward of the patient ones, that their reward is with Allah and that this dunya is an abode of trials and not one of eternity.

Shaykh Ayman found this odd and started looking at us finding our looks strange, so Shaykh Ayman asked Shaykh Usamah: “Are you all right?”, “Is your family all right?”, he replied: “Yes” and then said: “Your family was martyred in an airstrike”.

Shaykh (Ayman) praised Allah and prostrated to Allah thanking him. Our tears burst out, it was a difficult day on us. After this he got up and began talking to us, he praised Allah & thanked him and said: “O brothers, indeed this dunya is an abode of trials and crossing, I make Allah my witness, I make you all my witnesses that I am pleased with what Allah has chosen for me, that he is the King, he disposes the affairs, all decisions are his, and he is more knowledgeable regarding us than ourselves”.

He then looked at our Shakh Usamah(رحمه الله), who had his hand over his eyes and was crying and said to him: “O our ameer, know that my family aren’t more precious than the families of the Afghans, the Palestinians, or the Iraqis, by Allah, what’s with me (family) is equal (to theirs), so ask Allah for His mercy & forgiveness for them. This war is a war against Islam waged by the disbelieving groups, so let us prepare for that which is to come and all praise due to Allah in every case”.

We were amazed at the patience of the shaykh, and the one who named him “the wise one of the Ummah” was right.
– From a Mujahid brother