After four days, on a Friday, while we were cleaning the cave, one of the youth arrived and wanted to tell Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri (May Allah protect him) how his family was killed.

Our brother sat with the shaykh and began talking about the incident, he mentioned that a B-52 plane was hovering above the centers of the brothers in Gardez just a little before iftar. After circling above them three times, it dropped bombs on the houses and those in them. The brother continued and said that the brothers reached the struck area quickly and attempted to bring out those in the house which had become leveled to the floor.

The brother said that one of the brothers saw a hand sticking out from the rubble, and they went to bring out the person, when they realized it was our mother, Umm Muhammad, the wife of shaykh Ayman. Our brother called out to her and tried to calm her and said: “O mother, I’m so-and-so, don’t be worried”. The brother then said: “She pulled back her hand and refused to be seen by men, so we called out to the women in the area to help us bring out those in the rubble, however Allah decreed that they would die.”

Shaykh Ayman then said: “How pure you are O Umm Muhammad, you were pure & honorable alive, and you died upon that”. His eyes then welled up with tears, his companion (shaykh Usamah) began to comfort him, and remind him with patience and the great reward. So he (Ayman) stood up, performed wudhoo’ and prayed two raka’at, while his companion (Usamah) tried to control himself, hold his tears and to surrender to Allah’s decree & judgement.”
-From a Mujahid brother