Roman General Peter captured few Muslim Women and wished to subject them to slavery and humilation.

Khawlah bint Azwar one among the few , inspired other Muslim women to resist these Romans using pegs and pillars of the tents.

Her Instruction to the female army battle unit was : “Be like the links of a chain,never separate. May Allah forbid that you separate, for then spears will pierce your breasts, swords will cut your necks, your skulls will be cut off and heaped here”. With outrageous bravery Khawla went forward and hit the peg hard on a Roman’s head, he dropped down dead.

Romans were confused and started questioning, “What is happening?”, when suddenly they saw peg-carrying women advancing upon them. Peter shrieked at them,”What are you doing, you wretches?”

One of the Muslim sister Afirah replied,

“We have decided that today we willl rectify your brains with these tent-pegs and shorten your life spans, thus removing a spot of disgrace from our ancestors faces.”

They rushed to the Romans by saying, ” Death with honour is better than life with disgrace” and killed thirty of the them.

Soon after, Khalid bin Waleed(رضي الله عنه) who was informed of the imprisonment of Musim women arrived on the scene and defeated the demoralized Roman forces.

📝This is our History, Muslim sisters who stood as a shield to protect their honour!

It is not permissible for a woman, by the agreement of scholars, to surrender to captivity if she fears for her modesty.