February 2002, Gujarat, India
In a most systematic manner, the hindutva fascists formed an execution squad that carried out a pogrom from 10 in the morning of February 28 till night. Apart from firearms, tridents and sword, they used bricks and gas cylinders to diesel tankers which was unleashed on an entire Muslim neighbourhood. Most Muslims, before being set on fire, were stabbed, raped and hacked apart.

By night, the Muslim neighbourhoods in the area, had been reduced to a vast wasteland of death. Sliced up like vegetables, burnt like charcoal and, bearing the testimony of slaughter at its crudest, corpses lay scattered across what had been a lively human settlement barely a few hours before.

Naroda Patiya, one of the area were the riot was happening, was just five km from the local police control room and less than four km from Ahmedabad Police headquarters. Yet nothing moved in the administration, no reinforcements were dispatched, no effort was made to disperse the mob.

It was Chief Minister Narendra Modi( Present Prime minister of India) who was to blame for this genocide. It’s strange the same person delivered the independence day speech, today in Redfort, New Delhi.