When the great scholar of Fiqh and Hadith, Abu Bakr an-Nabulsi arrived in Egypt, he was taken to Fatimid (Shiite state) army commander al-Mu’iz li-Dinillah, who said to him:

“I have been informed that you said that if a man has ten spears, then he should throw one of them at the Romans, and nine of them at us”

An Nabulsi said: “ I did not say this ”

The Fatimid(Shia) ruler smiled, and assumed that the Imam would retract his statement. So, he asked him: “What did you say, then?”

So, an-Nabulsi responded to him , with strength and boldness:

“If a man has ten spears, then he should throw nine of them at you, then he should throw the tenth one at you as well ”

So, al-Mu’iz asked him, in shock: “And why is that?”

So, the Imam answered him back with the same boldness:

“Because you changed the religion of the Ummah, and you killed the righteous people, and you put out the divine light of guidance, and you usurped that which did not belong to you”

– Stories from the Righteous Salaf, Page 136