August 15,1947, Independence day of India.

I wonder reading History, What independence they speak about?

Freedom which India is celebrating today is confined to an elite class of disbelievers and their allies who plundered resources and created chaos in the Country.

Dawah and Jihad conducted by Scholars, Mujahidheen for nearly 150 years of constant sacrifice was hijacked by Indian government in order to supress freedom during 1947.

Prior to British invasion, Muslims ruled India for a span of Eight Hundred years leaving India enriched with resources which is present as of today!

Democracy is used as a tool of resistance and resurgence by the government and its local allies.

The truth is, Islam has witnessed humiliation due to the Islamic movements diluting themselves with the ideologies set by disbelievers.

Ruled by Fascist, the government aims to eliminate Muslims from India!

What makes Two Hundred million Muslims hesitant to call for Shariah and Islamic ideology?

Is this the reason why Muslims celebrate India’s Independence Day?