“We in Al Qaidah organization call on Allah to witness that we will retaliate for the blood of Maulana Abdul Rasheed Gazi (رحمه الله) and those with him against Musharaff and those who help him, and for all the pure and innocent blood, foremost of which is the blood of champions of Islam in both south and north Waziristan, among them the two noble leaders Nek Muhammed and Abdullah Mehsud ( May Allah have mercy on them all).

The tribes in Waziristan have made a great stand in the face of international Kufr, America, its allies and its agents. And the major states have been unable to make the stands they have made. They have been made resolute in this stance by their Iman in Allah the most high and their Tawakull on him and they have withstood huge sacrifices of souls and wealth. We ask Allah to compensate them well.

And the Muslims shall not forget these magnificent stances, and the blood of Ulema of Islam and leaders of the Muslims and their offspring will not be spilled in vain or neglected, as long as there remains a pulsing vein or blinking eye”.

– Shaykh Usama bin Laden(رحمه الله)

📝The concern of our Leaders of Jihad for the establishment and upliftment of Sharia in Pakistan was one major factor which exposed the lies of the Pakistani Government. We see a great impact from the public of Pakistan ready to struggle once again for the Shariah of Allah.