February 28, 2002 in Gujarat;

Kauser Bano(May Allah have mercy on her), was nine months pregnant that day. Hindutva fascists approached her.

Her belly was torn open and her foetus wrenched out, held aloft on the tip of a sword, then dashed to the ground and flung into a fire.

This is just one incident among many. These enemies of Islam had another intention than just to wipe Islam from the area. They came to snatch the honour by raping Muslim girls in the most indecent manner.

The riots in India doesn’t stop here. When the government is ruled by the same group who carried out the above mentioned horrific massacres, there needs no further explanation how much blood will be spilling in the coming days.

There is only two choices for Muslims of India to regain the honour and dignity;

Shariah or Shahadah !