In the year 1258 (675 A.H.), Mongolian leader Hulagu, invaded Baghdad and killed thousands of Muslims and Ulama. This paved the way for Christian missionaries to preach Christianity and convert Muslims openly. Hulagu himself was married to a Christian woman.

One day, a delegation of the most notable Christians headed for Baghdad to attend a grand party to celebrate the conversion of a key Mongolian leader to Christianity. The Mongolian leader had his favourite hunting dog on a leash nearby.

One of the Christians then began congratulating the Mongolian leader on his wise decision and then proceeded to revile the blessed character of our Beloved Rasool (ﷺ). The dog started acting violently and jumped on the Christian, scratching him badly. It took several men to make the dog let go of the Christian.

One of the attendees turned to the Christian and said, “The dog did this because of what you said about Muhammad (ﷺ)” The Christian brushed aside the man’s comment and arrogantly said, “No, that was not the reason for the dog’s reaction. When I was speaking, I pointed with my hand and the dog thought that I was going to hit him.”

The Christian appeared unmoved by the incident and continued to insult the Prophet (ﷺ). At that time the dog, in such a rage, cut itself loose, jumped on the Christian and sank its molars in the man’s neck. It snatched his throat out and the man died immediately.

This incident caused 40,000 Mongolians to embrace Islam.

[Ad-Durar al-Kaaminah, Vol. 3, Page No. 202]

* A Dog reacted when Kuffar insulted beloved Prophet(ﷺ). What excuse do Muslims have in this case?