The French campaign reached Cairo under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte, ordering for a Divan including 10 senior Ulama who would support him to rule Egypt and absorb the Muslim Ummah’s anger by way of them: I.e., just like the two puppet governments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This matter was presented to a number of senior Shaykhs, and three of them rejected it: Shaykh al-Sadat, Shaykh Muhammad al-Amir, and Sayyid Umar Mukram, chief of the Sharifs – may Allah have mercy on them all.

The others agreed, and the Majlis was formed and was headed by Shaykh alAzhar al-Sharqawi. However, the Muslim Ummah in Egypt rejected this Majlis, and the young ‘Ulama and students of knowledge rejected the compromise of the senior ‘Ulama, and the Ummah followed them and didn’t follow the senior Ulama who surrendered to Napoleon; and the first Cairo uprising broke out three months after Napoleon entered Egypt, despite opposition to it from the senior Shaykhs.

Then, after the French brutally suppressed it by way or artillery shelling of Cairo and al-Azhar, followed by the invasion on horseback of al-Azhar and the attack on its sanctity and desecration of it, it wasn’t long before one of the students from the Levant – the martyr as we see him Sulayman al-Halabi (may Allah have mercy on him) – swooped down on (Jean Baptiste) Kleber, the second commander of the campaign after the flight of Napoleon, and killed him. Then the second Cairo uprising broke out along with to the regional uprisings, despite the opposition of the senior Shaykhs, and those revolutions were one of the most important reasons for the Frenchmen’s departure from Egypt.

If the Muslim Ummah would have followed the senior Shaykhs in Napoleon’s Majlis , Egypt would be become another Algeria.

– Hakeem ul Ummah, Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri(May Allah protect him)
đź“ťGenerally, along with Kuffar, often ‘Senior Ulema’ oppose any true Islamic resistance put forward by Sincere Muslims. This incident proves that despite all opposition, Islam will be victorious when it adhere to its fundamentals.