How after that, can they hold conferences here and there in which they talk about their protection of Islam and that they are the one who defend Islam and the two Noble Sanctuaries.

The truth about the lie has emerged and the deception has been revealed, and it is clear that it was all a smokescreen, and that they were misleading themselves. And this is now something blatant that they have distanced themselves from Islam.

They are demolishing Islam. They are sabotaging Islam. They are flinging the Shariah behind their backs. So they have no longer any right to say that their state applies Shariah or that they protect the two sanctuaries.

“America will protect Makkah and Madinah!” . Have you seen mockery more blasphemous than this?. ” America will protect the two sanctuaries and defend Islam!!”

Oh the stupid minds! Oh the misguidance that filled the earth! And to top it off, people are silent and don’t speak.

– Shaykh Umar Abdur Rahman (May Allah release him)
📝Muslims who still show love towards Al Saud Family fail to realise that, this tyrannical Regime execute righteous Scholars, Imprison the truthful Scholars and Students of Knowledge including even the family members , permitted American Military forces to enter the land of Prophet Muhammed (ï·º) and ultimately waging the global war against Islam.