During one of the combat with the Romans in Antioch, Muslims faced a surprise attack which ignited a ferocious war.

Ibn Thabit narrates:

We were in a tight situation when I heard terrifying shout coming from the enemy side. The sound increased and I heard someone shouting “La ilaaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah”. I said “These are the voice of Angels”, and followed the voice and found that it was Damis Abu al Hawl(رضي الله عنه). He, accompanied by ten captured Muslims were fighting together and defending each other untill they escaped from the midst of Roman army.

When the Romans fled, Muslim commander Maysarah approached Damis, pressed him to his chest, kissed him between the eyes and asked him: “What happened to you?”

Damis told:

Oh commander, Romans ganged up against my horse and killed it. When I fell down, they took me as prisoner and tied me and my companions in chains. At night I saw Rasoolullah(ﷺ) in dream who said to me: ” Do not worry Damis. Your position with Allah is great”. He then rubbed off his noble hand on the chains which fell off me. He did the same to the others and said to us. ” Glad tidings of Allah’s help, Iam your Prophet, Muhammed Rasoolullah(ﷺ)”.

He then disappeared and I woke. We took the weapons of sleeping enemy guards and killed them. We then attacked the Romans and killed as many as we could and then came out safely from them.

This narration caused Muslims to raise the shouts of “La ilaaha illallah . Allah Akbar”