A Martyrdom seeker – Hakimullah Mehsud (رحمه الله), former Leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

During American invasion, leaders did not permit him to join Afghan Jihad due to an order from Mullah Umar(رحمه الله) prohibiting lightly bearded brothers to join Jihad.

Hence, Hakimullah offered services and shelter to the immigrants coming from Afghanistan, during American Crusade war that toppled the Islamic Emirate.

Moreover, he engaged in devastating operations to deter the aggression of the Pakistani army in the tribal regions, and defeated their evil constantly.

And when he saw escalation of the activities by the arrogant Shia against Islam in Kurram Agency, he struck and tightened the noose around them. As for the application of the Shariah in Orakzai Agency, all credit goes to him.

He took revenge for the Imam of Jihad, Sheikh Usama bin laden(رحمه الله) , by targetting the Mehran military base and military using several Martydom Operators across Pakistan.

May Allah have mercy on Hakimullah Mehsud.