(Even though it’s long, I hope a Muslim who loves another Muslim will never ignore this message)

My brother Mujahideen in the path of Allah! What can I say to you? I say to you: Our wombs have been filled with the children of fornication by those sons of Apes and Pigs who raped us. Or I could tell you that they have defaced our bodies, spit in our faces , and tore up the little copies of Quran that hung around our necks?

Allah is the greatest! Can you not comprehend our situation? Is it true that you do not know what is happening to us?

We are Your Sisters! Allah will be calling you to Account tomorrow. By Allah we have not passed one night since we have been in prison without one of the apes and pigs jumping upon us to rip our bodies apart with his overweening lust. And we are the ones who had guarded our virginity out of fear of Allah. Fear Allah regarding us. Kill us along with them. Destroy us along with them. Don’t leave us here to let them get pleasure from raping us. It will be an act to ennoble the throne of Allah. Fear Allah regarding us. Leave their tanks and aircraft outside. Come at us here in the prison of Abu ghraib.

I am your sister in Islam, Fatimah. They raped me, one day more than nine times. Can you comprehend? Imagine one of your sisters being raped. Why can’t you all imagine it? as I am your sister.

With me are 13 girls, all unmarried. All have been raped before the eyes and ears of everyone. They won’t let us pray. They took our clothes and won’t let us get dressed. As I write this letter, one of the girls has committed suicide. She was savagely raped. A soldier hit her on her chest and thigh after raping her. He subjected her to unbelievable torture. She beat her head against the wall of the cell until she died. For she couldn’t take any more. Even though suicide is haram in Islam, but I excuse that girl. I have hope that Allah will forgive her, because he is the most merciful of all.

Brothers, I tell you again. Fear Allah. Kill us with them so that we might be at peace.
📝 This is not a tale of emotions. This is to provide a clear picture on how Muslim sisters are usually being treated in the prisons. Reponsibility is upon each one of us. May Allah forgive the moments we enjoyed and laughed at its peak while our beloved sisters and brothers were being tortured at its peak.