After the fall of Mazar i Sharif in 2001, Six thousand Taliban Mujahideen were besieged by the forces of Ahmed Shah massoud and his allies in Kunduz, Afghanistan

Mullah Dadullah Akhund(رحمه الله), being the commander of the Taliban in Kunduz, played a crucial role in their success. Most of those involved at the time agree now that without him the six thousand Taliban would have faced certain death as they had done previously in Mazar-e -Sharif. This one-legged commander was always ready to lead each military operation himself, standing among his men on the front line and dashing into the offensive as the first person over the ridge. His style of command was so strict that no one dared to escape or failed to perform their duty. He would tell his men, “Be killed as men, but do not hand yourself over to the enemy! Don’t kill yourself as the others did in Mazar. Only your zeal and confidence as men can save you. If someone wants to fight then he should not retreat, and if that person comes back I myself will shoot him”.

He was a brave young man who never knew fear. Maybe there were others like him, but he was the only one who managed to keep the head of the Northern Alliance, Massoud, in the Pamir mountains. Those commanders could not even stand the sound of his voice.
-My life with the Taliban, by Abdul Salam Zaeef (Page 87)