Upon hearing the capture of Abdullah bin Huthafah(رضي الله عنه ) by the Romans, Umar bin Khathab(رضي الله عنه)said:

“I swear that I will write to Heraclius to send us Abdullah bin Huthafah. If he refuses I will personally lead armies against him”.

He then wrote to Heraclius:

“As soon as my letter reaches you, you should send me the prisoner with you, Abdullah bin Huthafah. I hope that you will be guided if you do this. If you refuse, I will dispatch men against you- and what men! Men for whom neither trading nor buying distract them from the remembrance of Allah”

When the letter reached Heraclius, he immediately released him gifting much money and robes.

📝 While Muslim prisoners suffer tortures on a daily basis, What right do we have to defame those who fight for releasing prisoners ?