In 1994, Commander Shamil Basayev(رحمه الله) lead the valiant defence of Grozny by which Mujahideen were able to kill over two thousand Russian soldiers. Following the withdrawal from Grozny, he continued to lead the battles against the Russians across Chechnya.

In August 1996, over 1500 Mujahideen led by Shamil attacked Grozny from three sides. Within days, they had overrun much of the city, destroying Russian checkpoints, surrounding Russian barracks and forcing the Russians out of the city. The Russian army were defeated and forced to withdraw.

When the whole world turned away from the Chechen people – leaving them to be massacred, raped and tortured – men like Shamil Basayev(رحمه الله) stood up to stop the tyranny. To the west and Russia he may always be “Terrorist No.1”. But to the Muslims, he will go down in the history as the Commander who defeated the might of the Russian army and taught them a fierce lesson.