The Military officer who interrogated Umar Mukthar(رحمه الله) said:

“When he came to my office I imagined to see someone like the thousands of Murabiteen whom I met in the desert wars. His hands were shackled, he had broken bones caused by fighting, dragging himself barely able to walk. He was a man unlike normal men, even though the affect that he was apprehended had shown upon him. He stood in my office, and as we questioned him, he answered in a calm clear collective voice. When he gathered to leave, the brightness of his face which was like sunshine amazed me and shook my heart. My lips shivered towards the end of the conversation whereby I ordered to take him back to his cell inorder to appear before a court in the evening.”

📝Tyrants and invaders trembled before the faith of Muslims. On that instance of his hanging, people might feel it’s a defeat. But currently, after centuries, thousands got inspired by his life and the stance he took against disbelievers. Certainly, It’s a huge victory !