Hamzah Basyuni, the warden of the Egyptian military prison in which Sayyid Qutb, Zaynab al-Ghazali and others (May Allah have mercy on them all) were being held, would brutally torture Muslim prisoners. They would plead to him, saying “For the Sake of Allah, Stop”. And He would reply: “If Allah Himself were to come here, I would throw Him into a prison cell”

Not even eight months passed after Hamzah Basyuni supervised the execution of Sayyid Qutb(رحمه الله), except that he(Hamza basyuni) and his assistants were thrown into prison.

And we have Anwar Sadat, who had thrown scholar after scholar into his jails, saying about the last one of them: “He is like a dog, rotting in prison”. Not even a month passed after this public statement of his, except that, while sitting in the midst of his bodyguards and officers, he was assassinated by the hero, Khalid Islambouli(رحمه الله) . Nobody lifted a finger to defend him or repel the attack by Mujahideen, except a single person sitting and guarding an American diplomat. And where is Sadat now…{“And neither the Heavens nor the Earth wept for them, nor were they given respite”} [ad-Dukhan; 29]

The tables will be turned and fate of all oppressors and tyrants is the same, sooner or later. In Sha Allah.

So, remember:

“And such are the days: We rotate them between the people” [Al ‘Imran; 140]