Ideological war is simultaneously essential with Military warfare.

Muslim Ummah is currently victorious in major arenas of Jihad, where they overpower the Superpowers and vanquish them around the clock.

On the contrary, a far flung majority of Muslim Ummah is negligent of this fact, which the Enemies of Islam manipulate through their media propagandas and distortions.

For them (ie : Majority of Muslim Ummah), Malala Yousufzai is a champion while Taliban are savages . They fail to realize Malala is ‘Just a Tool’ of America to aid their anti-Islamic propagandas. For them, Shaykh Usama(رحمه الله) is a mass murderer, while Obama is portrayed as a charismatic saviour of the world !

Time has arrived to confront these Crusader-Zionist agendas and to expose the reality: Who is your Friend and Foe?