After the 1998 American embassy bombardments in Kenya and Tanzaniya, nearly Seventy five cruise missiles struck the base of Al Qaida in Afghanistan. America fired one missile for each room in the base.

Their target was a man, Shaykh Usama Bin Laden(رحمه الله), who by then was far away from the base.

Shaykh Usama was not just a Man of course. He was a movement on his own. Along with spending huge amounts to find him, CIA formed the “Binladen Unit” to track and hunt him. Highly qualified military officers, intelligence officials,the President himself was behind this one Man who was a cause for their sleepless nights.

And finally, when they killed him, a new generation of Bin laden(رحمه الله) had formed and risen up, waging Jihad through out the world, shouting loud; ” We all are Usama”.