It’s not new that the Crusaders stab Muslim Ummah using Arab figures.

During Word War 1, they stabbed Ottoman Caliphate in its back using two Arab daggers;

In the beginning of war, it was Abdul Aziz al Saud who signed “Al Qatif” agreement with the Britain, by which he declared complete loyalty to the British government and in return, the Britain equipped him with money and weapons to fight the Ottoman presence in the Arabian Peninsula.

Second dagger was Sharif Hussein bin Ali who declared revolution against Ottoman state in the beginning of World War 1.

At present, children and grandchildren of Abdul Aziz al Saud and Sharif Hussein are adhering to the footsteps of their forefathers.

Just as their ancestors allied with crusader Britain against the Ottoman Caliphate in the First World War, today they are allying with American Crusaders in their war against Islam.