Sheikh Marwan Hadeed(رحمه الله) used to attend the College of Agriculture in Ain Shams University. When he stood waiting for the bus in the morning, the Secret Services Agent would wait with him. Usually when the bus comes, there would be people hanging from its doors. Thus, both the Agent and Sheikh Marwan would ready themselves to jump on the bus as soon as the others got off. However, sometimes, only the Agent would be able to jump on, due to lack of space. Therefore, what Sheikh Marwan would do was hold the arm of the Agent and pull him off the bus, saying, “Wait for the next Bus!”

In the same way, Sheikh Tameem Adnani(رحمه الله) would ride the bus, and surveillance Agent would also ride it. Sheikh Tameem would take out his money, and would say to the conductor, “Here is one fare for me and one fare for that Secret Services Agent who is sitting there.” The Agent’s face would redden, and after dismounting the bus, he would say to him, “You exposed me on purpose!” Sheikh Tameem would reply, “No, I just wanted to relieve you of the burden of paying your fare!”