In order for you to guarantee a good outcome – Allah permitting – and protect the route of the caravan of truth and safeguard the Muslim groups from wasting its efforts and going astray, you must grasp the devotion of Jihad and hold tightly to it.

And I bring attention to the word “devotion” for by Allah, Jihad is not a “choice” as some have degraded it by adding this ugly word to it and saying “the choice of Jihad” and “the choice of resistance,” thus dirtying its face and fiddling with its meaning.

Jihad is a prescribed, obligatory devotion made compulsory by the Lord of Lords, He Who sent down the Book from above the seven heavens;

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it.” (2:216)

– Shaykh Abu Yahya Al Libi (رحمه الله)

📝Why do few Muslims consider a form of worship a form of terror? Do the Muslims consider their reasoning or believe in the words of The Almighty Allah?