On 23 September 2009, Abdullah ibn Abdul Azeez celebrated his long awaited dream, which has been realized. He called it the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; a university that contradicted the Shari’ah, custom, and even the system that the government claims it implements.

This university came out with a new uniform that was tailored by the secularists, as poet Hafiz Ibrahim said: “It came out with a cloth of 70 different colored patches”. The university’s vice president, while describing about the freedom and free gender mixing in the university, said that it is similar to the American cities, as if this is the goal of establishing this university.

This university, apart from being a co gender educational institution, which will result in corrupting the society, will also eliminate whatever is left of faith in the creed of al Wala Wa’l Bara. It invited people of different faiths and beliefs from all corners of the world and Its students belong to 50 different nationalities.

What would be the impression on a Muslim girl who studies side by side with a Christian or a Jew and is supervised by an atheist or a polytheist? What type of generation this girl will raise when she becomes a mother?