“Shaykh Abu Yahya al Libi, may God protect him, did not only present his findings before the people of knowledge and religion, but the shaykh, may God protect him, also called on the scholars to take part in the arenas of jihad.

He said: ‘This is what I have achieved in the topic in question. This topic shows that the arenas of jihad need hardworking scholars who combine between the religious science and the jurisprudence of the reality and are able to sail deeper in its details by living it, not only by imaginations and assumptions that might be very far from the reality and its events.”

One of the most important matter, Shaykh Abu Yahya al libi emphasised on was hypocrisy and supporting disbelievers, He said;

“Whoever reflects on Almighty God’s Book will realize that the term ‘backing’ is frequently used in the Koran and is usually bound with some judgments. Backing actually means to support and strengthen a certain party. Thus, those who back the infidels against Muslims have supported and encouraged them to harm Muslims.”