“And I confirm to my Muslim sisters all over the world that the role of women is very important in the Islamic activity. Women are sisters of men, so the woman has to work beside the man to defend her religion and land. She defends it with her soul, and if she couldn’t then with her money, and if she couldn’t then by calling for her religion and by making the call to her Muslim sisters in Masjids, schools, institutions, and homes, and if she couldn’t do that then by the internet, she writes in it her Dawah, and publishes it, and spreads the Dawah of the mujahidin, and it will reach Insha’Allah, and you will find listening ears and conscious hearts. So I wish, sister, that you don’t be tired or bored from supporting our religion by any means you can”

-Umaima Hassan, Wife of Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri(May Allah protect them both)