Napoleon Bonaparte maximized his attempts to deceive the Egyptians of his love to the Muslims and the Ottoman Sultan, hiding his arrogant and criminal secularism, Christian at heart with love for Zionism.He tried to pass the scholars with his secular ideas by requesting them to wear the French emblem. But the scholars refused.

Napolean placed one of his palliums on the shoulder of Sheikh Sharqawi and Sheikh threw it on the ground.The translator of Napolean said “Oh scholars, He came to like you.He wish to honour you with his clothes and emblem.If you wear this, the army and people will honour you and you will hold position in their eyes”.

They replied,” However our status with Allah and fellow Muslims will be lost”.
Napolean was enraged by these words.
📝 A Scholar who stand against disbelieving aggressors and support the Muslim Nation will protect the people and their Islamic morale.