Chechen President Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev relates one of the instances of the sacrifices of Islamic fighters during the Battle of Grozny(in 1994, against Russia) which broke the siege and rescued the Muslims trapped inside the city. He says:

“Upon withdrawal from Djohar(Grozny), which was the subject of a full siege and intense clashes, the vanguards of the mujahids looking for a way to break the siege realized that their way was blocked by a minefield. It was both inevitable and inescapable as they didn’t have the luxury of time to make a plan for safe escape.

At that time, Shamil Basayev, the commander in charge of the operation, advanced towards the minefield as he called out to his men and said: “If I’m blown up by a landmine, just put my body aside and keep going. Do the same thing every time this happens to a fighter among you.” Basayev was blown up(Lost leg) by a landmine. His body was dragged and left aside. Confusion prevailed for a moment until the nephew of Chechnya’s first president, advanced to the vanguard and declared himself as the commander. Yet he was blown up and killed too.

It costed 27 lives to cross this minefield, not to mention the number of the wounded ones. It was the courage these mujahids showed and the sacrifices they made that ensured the escape of their comrades from that siege.”