Abd al Bari Atwan on Al Jazeera said;

“I differ with the evaluation of Chatham House (Policy institute based in London), the strategic studies institute I am a member in. I differ with them (who claimed Al Qaeda’s popularity is in decline). Al Qaeda organization did not feeble, quite the contrary. I mean you see post 9/11 Al Qaeda organization is much more powerful than the Al Qaeda before 9/11. Before 9/11, the masses supporting Al Qaeda were confined to Torah Borah. Al Qaeda organization was not to be found anywhere else. There was no Qaeda in London, Iraq or Morocco. Now however, the organization has become horizontal. Its leadership is known but invisible. We have a Al Qaeda leadership in Saudi Arabia, Europe and Iraq; thus, the organizations genius.

For the first time in history, there is a global organization. I mean every other organization; the Palestinians were limited to Palestine, the Iraqis to Iraq, Lebanese Hizbullah to Lebanon for example. But for the first time ever, there is an Islamic organization under a global umbrella and with a global vision. The evidence behind this intellectual development is that it managed to unite Muslims in Britain, America, Africa, Asia and the Arab World under Al Qaeda organization”