Western media as well as many among Muslim Population presented Arab fighters(Mostly affiliated to Al Qaeda) in Afghanistan as people who rebelled against the America which had previously trained and funded them.

The goal behind this distortion campaign is very clear. The America is trying to deprive the Muslim nation from feeling proud about their heroism, as if it’s telling the Muslims: ‘those you call heroes are in fact my making, they are my mercenaries’, ‘they rebelled against me when I cut my financial support’.

How could Usama bin Ladin, who in his lectures in 1987 called the people to fulfill their duty by boycotting American products in support of the Palestinian Intifada, possibly be a proxy for the Americans in Afghanistan?

How could popular Jihadi preacher, Abdullah Azzam be a proxy for America when he never stopped inciting the youths against it and supported the Palastine Jihad against Zionists?

How could the Al Qaeda organization be possibly be a proxy for the Americans when its egyptian members rejected Israel and all peace treaties with it since their childhood and also killed Anwar al Sadat, the topmost American proxy in the Arab World?

The truth is that Arab Jihad in Afghanistan against soviets was in fact the result of Arab Jihad before it, and not a jihad sponsored by America. Many jihad attempts were executed in the duration between the early 1960s and 80s; that is 20 years before the Afghan Jihad started.

Abdullah Azzam was one of the figures and earliest jihadist in Palestine. Usama bin Ladin was raised during the Islamic Awakening, he supported more than one Jihad movement in Arab countries and contributed in the Jihad of Syria in the early 1980s, before he headed to Afghanistan. Similarly, many of the trainers and the very first field leaders who carried the mission of building military camps and establishing the foundational infrastructure of Arab Jihad in Afghanistan –were parts of Arab jihad organizations, especially those of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Thus the matter is crystal clear; America never sponsored or trained Arab fighters including Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan during the soviet invasion.